Mischievous Me

Mischievous Me

My name is Satin Rain Thomas. I’m the half-Fae, half-Human ward to Lady Celeste (de Morte-Castello)

I don’t really know much about my life other than I’m 28, am use to being around Vampires and I have a tendency of getting into trouble when left alone too long. It’s not because I want to it just happens. I attract trouble. *shrugs* Maybe it’s the Fae part of me. Which, I know nothing about.

Then one day, enter, Driscoll Aberdeen. Sexy, playful, and very good to me. One problem. He’s an Assassin. Not that it bothers me that much considering the Vampire status of my life but there is something about him. Something I can’t quite put my finger on. But, when I do I’m sure it will cause trouble as usually happens when I put a puzzle together.

So, here I am in NOLA at Celeste’s Estate getting ready to move to Shreveport, LA. where she has called home since April. I hear she’s practically adopted the whole town. *rolls my eyes* Sounds just like her. And recently, she’s become a bonded Vampiress to one Bastiaan Castello. I suppose next there will be a wedding. Since when do Vampires get married? Hello, damned creatures and all? *shrugs* Oh well, another mystery to solve.

Now back to Mr. Sexy. I was thinking that since he’s an Assassin he might be able to keep me from getting into too much hot water. *thinks for a moment, then laughing* Naw, probably not!

Anyway, I’m Satin Rain. Welcome to my world!